Hillsy always leaves you with the warm and fuzzies. This show was no exception. Uplifting and positive is Hills’ bread and butter and now with his added popularity from ‘Spicks and Specks’, the audience has grown and so has the country’s love for him. Honestly, if Hillsy started a cult with his preaching of tolerance and acceptance, I can think of worse things that drinking the Hillsy Kool-Aid.

The threads of language, English-Aussie Rivalry, same sex marriage,  and advertising, weave together to explain his hope and dreams for his new godson and the future he wants to help create. It’s a lovely sentiment that I wish more people would share.

I was also lucky enough to see the show on Sunday night when Hills makes sure there is an Auslan interpreter Leanne Beer on stage. I really think in some parts Leanne stole the show. Indeed as Hills suggested, we did end up laughing twice at every joke, once when he says it, and again when Leanne showed us the sign for wanker (it’s what you think).

Adam Hills Characterful Ticket
Adam Hills Characterful Ticket

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