I could wax lyrical on Hillsy’s comedy and style but I don’t need to. You all know that already. There is a reason he’s one of Australia’s biggest exports and regarded as the nice guy of comedy.

What I will say is that Adam’s show last night hit close to home. Right in the feels. Five weeks ago my dad suffered a small stroke. He will be ok (hopefully), but Adam talking about his dad being in intensive care and laughing in the face of death really got me. Yes I admit I got a bit teary-eyed. My dad turned 70 this year. He wasn’t supposed to live to see me (the eldest) start highschool. Instead he’s seen all 3 of us graduate University. He’s survived a heart attack, two Quintuple bypasses, a tumour on his pituitary gland, epilepsy from the surgeries, forty-four years of marriage, three daughters and now this. Some of my earliest memories are of Dad in hospital.

Because of this, we have a very twisted, morbid sense of humour. While he was in hospital we were complaining that they got his height wrong because now he wouldn’t fit in the coffin we ordered. We were all sending each other links to articles about wacky ways to be buried (he wants to go in the compost). He used to joke about having Dennis Leary’s ‘Asshole’ played because it would really piss mum off at the funeral. It’s how we deal.

So when Hillsy talked about making light of a dark situation and mentioned that a fan’s father had requested an open casket and a gorilla mask, first thing I did this morning was ring him and tell him. And his response – ‘write that down in case I forget, I’ll add it to the plan’.

I’m glad that we’re not the only family that does stuff like this. And I’m also glad that Craig Coombes is still around to continue Naked Tuesdays. That cheered me up big time.

Adam Hills always makes you feel more emotional after a show, but in a good way.

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