I believe this is the title of Adam’s new show, I saw it at the Comedy Store at Fox Studios and there was no name attached to it but I heard the title later and it seemed to fit. And no it is not a tribute to the works of Kevin Bacon.

Like his previous show, it centers on a topic of a sensitive nature, in this instance Bali. Not the incident itself. It would be wrong to joke about that already,if at all. But in the changing nature of the way we see the world,and the need for us to live in the moment and be free. Hence Cut Loose.

Adam also talked briefly on the topic of body image and the need to seek perfection in the way we look,and perfection in others. And he said something about our relationships that made me think Hell Yeah. He said we shouldn’t be fixated on the need for a partner to have these certain qualities, nor should we look at these for ourselves. All he wanted was for someone who wanted to kiss him and could quote The Simpsons. And deep down inside, isn’t that what we all want?


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