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The title of this show is my new mantra in life. I use it all the time. Not just because we are right near the bushfires and there are fire trucks going by constantly.

Is it wrong to say that I love Adam Hills? He’s so charming and nice and so bloody funny that its hard not to love him.

Part of his charm is his interaction with the audience. No matter what size of the crowd, you feel like your having a conversation with him in the pub.Like you would with your friends. Although his main comedy style is satire, he can (nicely) take the piss out of someone, and their not offended. Mostof the time they join in.

Eminem, Americans and his love of the 80’s take top billing in this show, all topics that he takes passionately into his heart. I was just happy that I found someone who loves A-Ha’s “Take On Me” as much as I do.

Go You Big Red Fire Engine

2018 Edit: As I was backtracking and googling to get the date right of when I saw this show, I discovered that it is now in Urban Dictionary. Go You Big Red Fire Engine indeed!

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