Adam Hills was in a airport the moment September 11 took place. So not surprisingly a lot of his show was about the aftermath. In particular how scared he was on the flight he took that day, and what an idiot George Bush is. That and how he has a prosthetic foot.

What makes Adam so likable is his ability to include the audience, throughout the show he asked the crowd to include their own experiences. And he laughed along with them. It is quite rare for a comic to take a back seat and allow themselves to be upstaged.

It was some very sensitive material in which he dealt with. Other comedians that I saw at the Comfest didn’t do so well in that area, but he’s just so damn nice that you can’t help but laugh.

The only disturbing bit about it was when he was telling us the stupid questions people ask him about having one foot. Like can you still have sex? and most disturbingly, do you use it? Now I was quite drunk that night but in the weeks after when people asked me to quote a bit of what Adam said, the only thing I could remember was Adam’s response to that question “Come here and I’ll fill you like a slipper”

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