I don’t know how to say this. I really don’t.

It’s not that i don’t like you Scrubs, I really do, I used to love you in fact. You were one of the first things my ex and I realised we had in common and we spent hours having scrubs marathons as each new box set came out (since our local TV stations were crap and put you on at midnight and bounced you around, it was the best way to watch you). So believe me when I say that this comes from love.

You suck.

Your new spin-off sucks.

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What happened to you Scrubs? You used to be funny and witty and whimsical and now, well now you are just sad and pathetic & trying too hard. No Janitor, Ted, Carla, Elliott, Doug & now JD (and very little The Todd)? True Dr Cox & Turk are da bomb but it’s not enough, we need the dynamic of the whole group. We need Turk struggling between being an adult with responsibilities and goofing around with JD, We need someone for Perry to hate but secretly love. We need the Janitor causing mayhem and the girls bossing people around and being paranoid.

They are no longer well written, much loved characters, they are parodies, exaggerations, merely caricatures of those characters. And that makes them despicable. You didn’t even keep the funny interns, you got new annoying ones. you should have just let it go at season 8. it tied everything up so neatly at the end and with a beautiful montage on the sheet. It was time. we all accepted that and were prepared to let go. It was time to ‘pull the plug on nanna’ so to speak, but instead you cut out her insides, took out the good bits and stuffed her back up with gauze to fill the gaps.

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Knocking down sacred heart and building a giant teaching hospital that happens to the bigger than the original hospital space? Puh-lease. You could have just said that ‘we started teaching at a nearby university’. Would have made more sense

And where the hell is Jordan? I forgot about her. And when did Turk start dressing like Bill Cosby? what’s with the plaid shirts?

Oh and the inner monologue is JD’s thing. Apart from a couple of exceptions, it’s always been JD’s thing, it adds to his character. Now the new intern seems to have it as well and it just doesn’t work. i know its part of the transition between JD leaving but once its gone, it should be gone altogether. Scrubs was always JD’s story from mostly his perspective.

And for those who were wondering, the Sacred Heart set (North Hollywood Medical Center in the San Fernando Valley in California) is still around, intact, it featured in one of the last episodes of United States of Tara.

No longer a lot of love


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