I would spend hours trying to create the perfect mix tape. Trying to time it right on ‘Rick Dee’s Top 40’ countdown to press play and record at the same time.

Andrew McCelland knows more and loves more about music than most of us combined. Anyone who has seen him DJ during MICF at the Hi-Fi could attest to that. I’ve seen the dancefloor go off after he suddenly switched mid song to the theme from ‘Monkey’. After all, music is the soundtrack to our lives (yeah I know, dodgy cliche, sorry). The mixed tape is a lost artform and one Andrew is keen to bring back. There was no better way to tell someone how you feel than to make a mix-tape. There was 1 for every occasion and every emotion and Andrew mixes them together with ease and the respect these songs deserve, yes even the them from Sesame Street.

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