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I have only physically paid for 3 CD’s this year (rest on iTunes), Children Collide’s album, a back catalogue Bowie, and the Avenue Q soundtrack that I rushed out and bought during the intermission.

Yes I am nearly 30 but I love the Muppets. and the idea of an adult Sesame Street appealed to me. and it didn’t disappoint. Whenever one of the songs pops up on my iPod it always brings a smile to my face. however be warned certain songs get stuck in your head and are highly inappropriate to be singing along to in the office. I learnt the hard way.

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The similarities between the two are abundant but I’m sure they took extra care to ensure that Muppet legal department would see otherwise. Puppets and human’s interact in a rundown tenement building in an outer borough of New York, similar in style to 123 Sesame Street. Even some of the characters look and sound like those of the Henson kind (imagine if the Cookie Monster was obsessed with Porn rather than cookies = Trekkie Monster, and 2 friends living together and 1 happens to be gay and the other sounds just like Ernie? same deal).

However the characters are adults talking to other adults about the problems we all face in real life so the classic songs like ‘Rubber Duckie’ and ‘C is for Cookie’ don’t get a look-in here. Try “You can be really loud when you’re making love”, “The internet is for porn” and “Everyone’s a little bit racist” and I don’t remember a full puppet porno happening at Mr Hooper’s store. And did anyone else get the feeling that the 2 Bad Idea bears were very similar to the bears in voice and appearance to those that were in the TV series ‘Duckman’?

A lot of pop-culture references filter through, the main one being that the super in the building is none other than Gary Coleman. The jokes are updated and refreshed in some parts to keep them relevant but the songs just say classic.

For those of us who grew up with Muppets and Sesame Street it was a good way to go back without regressing too far into your past. and for the younger people (I mean teenagers, for the love of god don’t take your little kids) it was a chance to see what we all secretly thought of the characters (Bert and Ernie being gay etc).

It’s just good, not so clean fun and a great way to reminisc

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