BILLY CONNOLLY: TOO OLD TO DIE YOUNG (Hordern Pavillion 17/02/06)

Happy fucking birthday to me!

My birthday is on the 16th (for those keeping track) so what better present could I have then FINALLY seeing one of my heroes live on stage. Billy Connolly and Robin Williams were my earliest introductions to comedy when I was little, thanks to the Blacktown Library that had an amazing audio library, and my parents who didn’t realise what I was listening too haha.

It may have been one of the few times I almost lost my shit during a show. We were far away on the side, but I was in the same room as Big Yin.

I love his stories and I could listen to him all day. Everytime he says “I must tell you” and launches into a new tale, I just get entranced.

billy connolly too old to die young

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