Prepare the time machine and set it for the ‘Time that Taste Forgot’. It may be daggy, it may be sad, but how could you not love Bob Downe. The eternal man child enthusiasm, the camp clothes and actions, that hair; what’s not to love about sitting back and laughing at the bad taste we have endured. What’s scary however is realising that you yourself own some of the things that Bob is joking about, and that you know the words to most all of the songs that he does. Bob said it himself “The dag in us all is not very far below the surface”. Sadly mine is winning the fight to reach the top.

This time we get to meet Pastel Vespa, Bob Downes new “girlfriend” . They sing incredibly well together, and her rendition of Tubthumping has to be seen to be believed. All the classic tunes are there “Yeh Yeh”, “Paperback Writer”, “Fame”. A personal favourite is “Mack the Knife”. Mark Trevorrow has an incredible range and he sings it better than Sinatra.

It seems to be that the more polyester he puts on, the zanier he becomes, in an extremely likeable way. Some people would see it as being overly camp, indeed many others have tried and failed, but Bob pulls it off as perfectly as he could pull on a pair of skintight polyester lime green flares. And he looks better for it

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