BOB DOWNE: WHITER BRIGHTER (Sydney Opera House, 2000)

The only thing that shitted me about this show was the Applefresh dancers. Now I’m a big a fan of Tony Bartuccio as the next person, but they seemed quite full of themselves to the point they were detracting away from the star attraction. No one should steal the limelight from Bob, his hair does a good enough job by itself.

But enough bitching, once again the songs were hot and so was Bob’s bitchiness. The Olympics, the Mardi Gras and Y2K all get a go this time round.Of course the songs are brilliant as always. From the opening number of “Kung Fu Fighting” to the showstopper “Greatest Love of All”, Mark Trevorrow shows of his incredible range, it’s just a shame that as Bob he has to constantly mangle the good bits. Can’t wait for a Mark show.

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