I was rather disappointed with Hughsey’s show. As much as I liked him, if I had never heard of him before, I would have thought that he was crap. Well maybe I should rephrase that. It’s not that the material was crap, it was in the delivery.

He seemed to be rambling and spent most of the hour talking to the audience and asking them questions. Often if this works, its the sign of a good comedian. But he came across that he wasn’t prepared and needed the audience as support. Maybe it was because it was new material. But even the old stuff failed to crack much of a laugh from the people around me.

My favourite Hughsey piece is from the first time I saw him on the Gala and he talked about Crabsticks- “It’s the goodness of a crab, with the convenience of a stick. And every time I hear it (or even see a crabstick) I crack up. Maybe it’s just me and my problems. But he did the same material this night, and no one laughed at all. And I thought to myself- If he was like this those first few nights on television, no one would know who he was now.

Maybe he was tired. But all my enthusiasm went out the window by the first half. Or maybe it was that my expectations were too high. It just seemed that he was relying on the audience too much for material, and he was often prone to rambling and forgot pieces of his set work.


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