Finally got the chance to see Dil live. The last few times he’s been in Sydney I’ve had something else on so haven’t had the chance. I’ve been a fan of his for a while, mainly from his appearances on ‘The Little Dum Dum Club’ podcast and various TV performances.

Dil’s style is refined and well written, while still allowing a fair bit of audience interaction and improv within his set. He is likeable an affable and makes you feel like you are having a personal conversation with him as opposed to him in front of an audience of a few hundred. His material is relatable and smoothly jumps from various topics including visits from your parents and the battle between being an optimist and a pessimist. Yes we are all going to die. But it is how you live that matters. His observations of life as an international student dealing with Australian culture are divine.

Like all of us Dil has had vices. Alcohol and food played big parts of his early life and he has now replaced those with Glasshouse candles and Aesop skincare products. I’m glad I am not the only one with a Glasshouse obsession.

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