GUD (MICF 2002)

Someone said to me that GUD was like DAAS with a keyboard.I prefer to think of it as DAAS: The Next Generation. However it is only to a point that you can compare the two groups. True there are three of them and they indeed seem to be following the line of “The Good, the Bad and the Guitarist”. And true they sing. But people. DAAS died over 10 years ago now. Let it go!!

I must say that I thought GUD was far more refined then McDermott’s previous cabaret work. Or as refined as you can get singing children’s songs about Ivan Milat and Chopper Read. There is no attacking the audience, no spitting on people or urinating in their beers (or so I’ve been told). Fair enough that the material does push the boundaries at times, but its still good fun.

Paul McDermott is joined onstage by one of The Gadfly’s Mick Moriarty, who plays the hapless stoned character of the three that the other two make fun of. There is also Cameron Bruce, known from Karma County, The Club Luna Band and most recently Dave McCormack and the Polaroids. McDermott refers to him as a “find”, and he certainly is.When the show starts to dull a bit, Bruce jumps in with a short and dirty version of a song, and picks it up again.

There was the usual mix of social comment and songs. One in particular “Wrong Number”, was really well done. It started as a ballad about a father being speaking to his long lost son on the phone, then went on to the father telling the kid to fuck off. You didn’t know whether to laugh or not. In the end you just had to.

The highlight of the show was certainly their Osama Bin Laden medley. A lot of people were offended by this material, but like every other comedian I saw at that point, there was too much comedy to be made out of 9/11 to let it go. My best friend (who is Muslim) was offended by the comment of a Muslim person who was into bestiality, being torn for not being able to be “makin bacon” so to speak. But by the time I saw it again two months later, that bit had been taken out. But i thought the rest of it was funny. Except for the piece about it being coincidence that Shirley Strachan (may he rest in peace) died the week before September 11 and if they were looking for the other pilots, they should look for the other members of Skyhooks.It didn’t offend me as a person, but it offended me a a massive Skyhooks fan. But I’m in therapy now so that’s my problem.

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