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Having not gone to Melbourne in 2017, all I could do is read the rave reviews about Hannah’s swansong ‘Nanette’. It was referred to as a game changer and won the Barry and the Edinburgh Fringe, so I was stocked when she announced a Sydney show. Extra chuffed to discover that the night we went, it was being filmed for her soon to be released Netflix special.

My heart was genuinely breaking in sorrow and yet bursting with pride during this show.

At the peak of her career, Hannah is retiring from comedy. If this is to be the last mark on her comedy career, what a mark to leave.

The world is a deep dark place full of sorrow and Hannah has experienced more of that than most people should ever have to endure. Her self deprecating style of sardonic humour has always been her wheelhouse, but it is becoming a burden. In the time of #metoo and a increase profile of the importance of mental health, Hanah is taking a step back. For her own sake, and for those around her. She no longer wants to be the butt of her own jokes, she no longer wants to remain silent on the issues affecting women worldwide.

Highlighting the issues as only she can, Hannah uses art history as an example of how a male dominated society has shaped us, gender and sexual identity and mental health.

The raw emotion and vulnerability Hannah shows throughout this is heartbreaking. But in the depths of despair there is hope. Hope for a better world, a world that Hannah is going to help create.

Thank you for all the laughs over the last 10 years Hannah.

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