I’ve always had a soft spot for Justin. Two reasons. Many many years ago (12+ years I think) he would come and do my friends comedy room at UNSW Roundhouse. One gig there was only 5 of us there, and he still did the full spot for just us and was really sweet about it. I think I have a couple of photos of him and Lehmo doing the room. ooh must try and find them

The other reason is that he always makes you leave with a warm fuzzy feeling. Even during Three Colours Hammo where I ugly-cried through most of it, I still felt good after the show.

Snacks is no exception. Snacksize tidbits on topics that leave you in hysterics. I am always glad during a Hammo show I am not alone with those who laugh a little too hard when the topic hits close to home.

  • Aging and it’s effect on your drinking ability – For me, it’s red wine
  • trying to be a better version of yourself – that’s what I’m working on with studying and going to the gym most days. Funny how events make you reevaluate yourself.
  • Singing to your food – I also do it when I’m cooking food
  • Befriending and taking in random cats that you swear you won’t get attached too – working on my 2nd one now – Minchin
  • Being teased for reading – I even had a teacher have a go at me once
  • Overthinking – I’m doing it right now
  • Talking obsessively about your favourite things – for me it’s Comedy/Bowie/TV/Muppets and Movies. At length.

So if you get a chance to see Snacks in Sydney, or wherever, please go. You will be greeted with a handshake and a smile and will leave feeling better for it


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