LANO & WOODLEY: FLY (Enmore Theatre 28/6/18)


They are back! Over 12 years after they said ‘Good Bye’, one the greatest comedy duo’s this country have ever produced are back. I know the saying ‘ you could feel the love in the room’ is cliched. But in this instance it was true. Audience members had big grins on their face before the show even started. Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder. Ok enough of the cliche’s.

I had everything crossed that they would do a Sydney show after their sell-out Melbourne run, especially after they picked up the ‘People’s Choice Awards’ at the Barry awards night. And we were not disappointed. It was epic, it was weird, it was 100% L&W.

Colin’s dream was to tell the tale of the Wright Brothers in their quest to pioneer and harness flight. A serious show, no jokes, no piss-farting around, no being silly. Frank got the message wrong and thought it was a tribute to the Jeff Goldblum movie ‘The Fly’. Together they created a visual and comedic masterpiece that may actually be the greatest thing they have ever done together (No offence to Col’s work on ‘Ready, Steady, Cook‘).

Interspersed with comedy gems of the past (use of the ‘F’ word and the ‘C’ word is always a favourite), their physical comedy is as honed and as tight as ever. The sentimental favourite of ‘Bouncy Rabbit’ that almost brought the house down, but so too their epic finale.

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