I’ve been following Meshel’s career for years, but so far had never had the chance to see her do her stuff. Granted she wasn’t doing stand-up, but no matter what she does, she kicks ass doing it.

Such a fascinating series of interviews with groups of comedians. I was lucky enough to see the final one for comfest featuring 2/3rds of comedy legends New Joke City – Marty Sheargold and Greg Fleet. Meshel deserves a medal just for keeping those 2 under control.

Now being a Sydney girl, I didn’t get a chance to see NJC together live (that and the fact I was about 6 when they were around) but being the comedy lover that I am, I was well aware of their history and impact on other comedians.

I was completely surprised given how much they would drink and party that they could actually remember some of the stuff they got up to (especially Fleety). They paved the way for so many of the next generation and still have such an impact on the scene that they must have been drinking pure champagne comedy.

I’d love to hear these interviews (especially the Big Gig one) on iTunes. Please tell me it was recorded?

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