The definite highlight from when I saw Pete in Parramatta was his piece on September 11.

It was so good that over half the audience gave him a standing ovation which for Parra was quite good. Like a lot of other comedians that I saw during comfest, he focused on one particular aspect of the disaster. Some chose their personal experiences, others chose Osama Bin Laden. Pete focused on the rumour that Thorpe & Le le Hewitt were there at the time, and the differences between America & Australia if the disaster had happened here. I particularly like the imagery of the entire nation running to the waters edge upon hearing the news of Thorpe being attacked and physically paddling the whole country over to attack Afghanistan.

Very unique and orginal. Granted the same joke died its arse off in Melbourne, but they are cultural snobs aren’t they? Peter’s talent is wasted on Rove.

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