There is something different about Rich Hall, maybe its because he doesn’t act like the stereotypical Yank who thinks he’s better than us, nor is he a wannabe Seinfeld. What he IS,is bloody brilliant.He is a master of irony, and some of his best material was based on making fun of his own people post 9/11. He seems to bask in the glory of debating the human condition. It is one of his strongpoints.He is painfully funny and concise. Something that seems to be missing in American humour these days.

And as for Ottis Lee Crenshaw, why hasn’t he been the feature album on Tripl J yet?? That could be because he doesn’t have one, but that isn’t relevant.

All the favourites of Otis were there “Almost Looks Like You”, “Women Call It Stalking”and “Tonight The Malt Is Single and So Am I”, the jailbird sure has a way with words.

He is unmissable and indeed unstoppable.

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