ROD QUANTOCK BOAT 2 (Sydney Comedy Festival) 30/03/07

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

It was good but almost identical to last years show. A few points to remember

  • did the history talk on the way to the boat
  • did the rope tricks and a life jacket game. I had the life jacket under my seat but because i couldn’t lift my arms up I handed it to mel. They had to put it on as quickly as possible and she won so she got to go up to the bridge.
  • we had a sing-a-long to Amanda Vanstones new national anthem which my sister also got dragged into. She was rod’s favourite for the whole night. Since he’s her hero she was losing her shit
  • We went back to the house with all the stone animals out the front. And this time THEY WERE HOME!!! And the woman let us in and showed us around her house. She was a little bit crazy, as well as the animals outside she had a giant alligator and 3 massive 3 wise monkeys inside. She actually let 75 people into her house. Her husband was not impressed. He was on the wharf when we pulled up and just stood there and stared as people invaded his house. But he came around in the end.
  • We then went back to the rowing club and did the same gatecrash a wedding thing. Only this time the cops were almost called.

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