After years of waiting. I finally got to see the man referred to as the “Grandfather of Australian Comedy”. And it was worth the wait. It was a perfect way to commence Comfest.

The name derives from when the organizers of the ComFest asked Rod of the name of his new show. Rod was so appalled by the situation of the Tampa crisis, that he named the show “Scum Nation”.

Quantock’s work has always been very political, even to the point where he put latecomers to his show into mandatory detention.

Quantock rants go from the history of the world, to the internet, to of course the current political situation.

According to Rod, the problem with the Liberal Party began with the creation of man because 600,000 years later, John Howard became Prime Minister.In his often rambling style, Rod touches on many matters political, he is certainly a comedian who makes you think as well as laugh. And the audience love him for it.


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