The thing with Ross Noble I could never figure out was how much of his work was improvised and how much was scripted. So I decided to find out.For research purposes (of course), I went and saw this show twice on two separate nights. And in seeing this show, makes me respect him more as a performer than ever before. Over 80% of the 2nd show was new material. A massive feat that few comedians, if any, can claim to accomplish ( I know Billy Connolly did it once but that was on a bet).

The topics ranged from discussing celebrity hospitals (due to an English backbacker nurse constantly interrupting), to September 11 (as did every other comedian this comfest, though not like this), to his hatred of Craig David (which although went on far too long, 15 minutes in his re-enactment of David being killed by a mob; I did agree with the sentiment). Only someone like Ross Noble could get away with linking Osama Bin Laden to disco and footwear.

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