Radioactive Kung Fu Fridge Boy and Monkey Slayer is back.Despite what tends to happen with comedians when they become more popular, Ross played to packed audiences every night, and did not disappoint. (for those wanting to know the formula of comedians being funny, what tends to happen is that the size of the audience seems to be inversely proportioned to how funny said comedian is. At least I think its inversely proportioned, where’s Adam Spencer when you need him? Rule for Dummies: Bigger the audience, the less funny the comedian seems to become).

Having secured kick ass seats (front row centre) I was well prepared for what might of happened. Luckily it didn’t happen to me but to most of the people in my row.

After a brief but hysterically funny short film on the origins of Noble, Ross bounded out on stage and started getting friendly with the audience in the front row. He went along, asked people their names and what they did for a living. He got to the woman next to me, but she was so petrified of the jokes he was making about her that he stopped. But seeing as she admitted to running an alternative lifestyle cafe (i.e for hippies), she brought it upon herself.

I was just glad he didn’t get to me. Working for a music company that owns one of the acts he despises (see the Slacker’s Playtime review for more details). The very mention of it would have set him off for about 20 minutes (also see above), which as much as I love him,I wouldn’t be able to sit through again.

Sex, Religion and War seemed to be the two topics Ross was keen to talk about this particular night. From the absurd things people say during the act of shagging, to the donkey with the airconditioner on its back in Iraq (christened the Hover Donkey from that point on); Ross jumped from one topic to another so fast that it seemed to seamlessly flow as if it were the one piece.

Some people thought his joke about the Dalai Lama cold calling people to touch him and the Christopher Reeve Dance Troupe was in poor taste. Maybe I’m just depraved that way cause I bloody loved it.


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