RUSSELL KANE: SO TOTALLY RANDOM (Sydney Comedy Festival, 23/4/2010)

So totally random (kinda).

Now imagine if you will that Ross Noble and the Boosh’s Noel Fielding had a baby. Combine Ross’ quick wit, energy, and ability to improv with Noel’s absurdity, fashion sense and hair, have them raise the child in Essex and you have Russell Kane. Whatever you do don’t give that man any red cordial, he’s active enough as it is (and bendy). A sniper couldn’t track him he’s bounding around so much on stage.

After spending a fair chunk of time talking with the audience (which can often fall flat, but luckily didn’t), Kane moved onto other issues, not necessarily cutting edge areas, but amusing none the less. Like many comedians Kane relied heavily on staple topics to keep the Aussies amused. Working Class Vs Upper Class, Men Vs women, Brits Vs Aussies, Aussies Vs Kiwi’s, being caught wanking, backing some of these up with news reports and flitting back and forth between low-brow & sophisticated humour.

The low-brow definitely won over the audience (many holding beers walking into the room). But his scattered approach was rather hit and miss though he managed to hold it all together with his boundless energy and use of accents (though he does need to work on the Kiwi one slightly). When he was on the mark, his observations were rather astute, when he misfires (such as suggesting Australia doesn’t have a binge drinking culture) he was able to move on quickly before the audience really had a time to react. He is constantly throwing the crowd curveballs bouncing from the use of the word ‘cunt’ in a sentence to a cerebral observation of the changing nature of men growing up in society today.

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