SAM SIMMONS NOT A PEOPLE PERSON (Sydney Opera House 13/01/16)

Was actually a bit nervous going to this show tonight. Not because of Sam, but because my sister was seeing him live for the 1st time. She wasn’t overly a fan before, a bit too weird for her. But she bought me the ticket for Christmas so decided to tag along. So deep in my mind, all I could think of was ‘what if this is too weird, what if that makes me too weird’.

But by the end of the show my fears were allayed. She seemed to love it. If anything, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Which may be a first for me with Sam. Maybe it was the 17 versions of Kokomo that played beforehand that threw me off.

Although referring to himself as ‘The Coriander of Comedy’, Sam’s show was the tightly scripted shambles it normally is. Manoeuvring a microphone with kangaroo paws, or Simmons dancing seductively in a bird costume with a rubber penis hanging out had most of the crowd in stitches. There’s always one or two that just don’t quite get it and sit there with perplexed looks on their faces.

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