Everyone who knows me knows I worship this man. He is a comedy legend. I’ve followed his career since ‘The Sunshine Factory’. Sam is one of the few people in this world that makes me laugh till I cry or have an asthma attack. So forgive the fangirling.

His randomness, his love of props and voiceovers, all comes together in this show, very very loosely based on a time he considered hanging himself after having spaghetti for breakfast. I will admit that I was uncomfortable when I realized this. I had seen the ABC interview he did with Julia Zemiro about this and I bawled my eyes out. Knowing that a lot of these random jokes about his past were true made it a bit difficult at times. You just want to run up and hug him.

A lot of people don’t get Sam. I get that. A lot of people don’t get me either so that means I’m in good company. I will admit I got a bit teary and my heart sang when he won the Barry last night. Never change Sam, you are amazing and a gift to the world.

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