I didn’t start going to Melbourne for the comedy festival until 2002. The Scaredies originally did Score in 1998. So yeah I was a bit behind. But I had seen them on the gala in 1998 when they did ‘The Bastard Love Child of Frankie Lane and ABBA’ and absolutely loved it. So when I heard that they were bringing it back, it was one of the first tickets I bought.

This time was a little bit different. The MSO was replaced with the Melbourne Youth Orchestra (Just as good) and hosted by Danny Katz. It wasn’t quite what I expected. Really I thought it would have been Scaredies Songs mixed with an Orchestra. There was that mixed with actual classical music (Such as Beethoven’s Symphony #5 and Mozart’s Alphorn Concerto – both of these I only know the names of as they were in the program). Then mixed again with the theme to the Phantom Menace, a bit of this and a bit of that. Not what I was expecting at all but still a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

2018 EDIT: I might be wrong but the Scaredies were certainly early adaptors of including orchestra’s in their performances, possibly the 1st in Australian Comedy certainly almost a decade before see Tripod’s This Gaming Life and a few years prior to Tim Minchin)

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