Would it be wrong of me to say what a crock of shit??I don’t think so. The idea of comedy is usually to have a set up and a punchline. True many comedians stray away at that, but unlike Capurro it works.

I wouldn’t say it was comedy, just random insults aimed at minority groups (such as the jewish community), does not qualify. Whatever hype Capurro got from his stint on rove was not needed. He offended every person in the room, sometimes personally, before giving graphic and detailed accounts of how he wants to fuck Jesus, then pulling out his dick and waving it at the audience. Not that there was much of an audience by the time he has finished, in the space of an hour he went from a full house to a dozen people.

The only reason I didn’t leave was because I didn’t want to be heckled like he did to everyone else who left, including my sisters. It’s especially not funny to ask 14 year old girls whether she has sex with her sisters. Now I like cutting edge material more than most people, I quite enjoy when people push the boundarys. But saying things like the Jews deserved to die does not make you a comedian, it makes you a fuckwit.

The only saving grace if you could call it that was that Ross Noble actually followed my sister (who was almost in tears) outside and apologised to her. Now THAT’s a comedian.


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