I love improv and I love Set List. I’ve been an avid fan of the tv series and the stuff online. So I was stoked that I finally got to see it live. And even more stoked (stokier?) when I discovered Randy was going to be on. I do love a bit of puppet action (as a lot of you know, I do have a slight Muppet obsession, so Randy is always a fave).

The line-up this evening

  • Luke McGregor
  • Phil Wang
  • Chris Martin (Not the guy from Coldplay, much funnier)
  • Randy the Puppet
  • Dave Williams

Hosted by the divine Susie Youssef. Especially pleased that she got the two drunk wankers in the front row to shut up (most of the time). There always has to be at least one that likes to talk. And 99% of the time they are American.


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