I love Sue Ann Post. She is one of the few female comedians I really admire. For most of her material, she doesn’t resort to blatant stereotyping which many of her other female comedians use. The true essence of a gifted comedian, is in the ability to communicate with all sections of the audience. And it is something that she does extremely well.

Focusing this time on her health and well-being, Post spoke about the diagnosis given to her of Type 2 Diabetes. Something that I was interested in because it is hereditary in my family (including my mother). So perhaps I was laughing on different levels to other members, as I related on a more personal level to what she was saying, but seeing as I wasn’t the only one laughing, I don’t think the material alienated anybody. Or if it did they certainly weren’t letting on.

Jokes about the battle of the bulge and the pros and cons of “good” sugar and “bad sugar” seemed to ring true to a lot of people in this health obsessed world. Post spoke of her triumphs and failures of living with this disease with a brutal and touching honesty that not even a lot of your closest friends would tell you. A lot of people were nodding their heads at the punchlines, as she was connecting with people on more than just a comedian telling gags for cheap laughs; but on a one on one basis.

A great attribute with Post is her down to earth nature and openness to her fans. Some comedians gloss over the bad points of their lives, standing on stage giving them a point of emotional distance between the punters and themselves. But not Post. Her happiness becomes our happiness, and likewise with her suffering.


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