So yeah it’s official. Red Dwarf is coming back for Series 11 and 12. Starting in 2016 the 2 series will run on UK TV’s ‘Dave’ Channel (actually named after Dave Lister himself).

Much like Kryten, I am feeling very ambivelent about the new series.

Red Dwarf has been a big favourite of mine for over 20 years, I still quote it quite often. I thank Aaron and Mark, two guys I went to school with for bringing a VHS of the show on a school trip for starting my love of the show.

But the ‘Back to Earth’ series left me cold and slightly embarrassed. It was trying too hard and just didn’t have the same pace and style of the original series. Yes I know it had been over a decade between series but still. Series 10 was an improvement and I am hoping they will improve on that again over the next two years. If not, then it’s probably time to pull the plug. Let our favourite SmegHeads live on as we remember them.

More info can be found in this article here: Red Dwarf Press Release

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