I was not that impressed with Tripod this time round, and I feel really bad for saying it but it’s true. There was little new material.Pretty much if you’ve been watching Skithouse or have seen their Christmas Show last year than you didn’t miss much. There wasn’t even much banter between the three, just launching from one song to the other. Unless it was paying out on Yon. In fact Yon was the highlight of the show for me. His song “If Prostitutes Don’t Kiss Than Why Should I?” was rather memorable. But all in all it was a rather lacklustre performance. I’m hoping it was because they were tired being at the end of Comfest.

Songs included “Guns”, “If I Had a Tattoo”, “Culture” and “Rock Eisteddford” which seems to be their song of choice at the moment.

There were a lot of younger fans this time round even if it was at the HiFi. Obviously the success of Skithouse has created along many a podster groupie, whether that’s a good thing or not remains to be seen. Now this is a bit off the topic but the following day I went to the Triple J OB at the Town Hall. Now call me crazy, but when a group’s about to perform, most people would like to hear them. Not listen to a bunch of 13 year old Avril Clones screaming out. There was no other objective but to mess with their heads, at least so we could hear what was being said. Here is a transcript-

Teenybopper Psycho Fan: We love you Gatsey AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” Me: *rolls eyes* Teenybopper Psycho Fan: Take off your glasses Scod, We Love you Scod AAAAAHHHHHHH Me: Oh for fucks sake *long pause waiting for the next one, there was none forthcoming which was a bit rude, so I decided to join in* Me: We love you Yon AAAAAHHHHHHH Teenybopper Psycho Fan: *turns around, obviously the notions of irony and sarcasm are lost on this generation* oh Puhlease, I’ll think You’ll find that the other two are far more attractive Me: yes the gay ones usually are Teenybopper Psycho Fan: *look of confusion as they wander away

Now I know that none of the boys are gay, please don’t take this the wrong way, but PEOPLE IT’S ABOUT THE COMEDY NOT WHO HAS THE NICEST ASS!!!! Maybe I’m wrong and the Teenybopper Psycho Fans are indeed right. Or maybe I’m just bitter due to my acrylic nails being ripped off by a bunch of 12 year olds in boob tubes clutching Cosmos decided we were in the way of them and Wil Anderson, so instead of going around us, they went straight through us. The bruises are still there.


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