Still waiting on the DVD guys.

I was extremely impressed with this show. Tighter scripts than in previous years, extremely creative in its execution. Basically, being tired of their constant adventures the boys decide to go on holiday.In driving in their new VW they accidently launch themselves into space, finally landing on an alien planet entirely populated by Killer Lady Robots, who were invented by a race of nerds in an attempt to win a waging war against their enemy, the P.E teachers. The Lady Robots turned on their creators and Tripod are now their unwilling slaves. Well Gatesy and Scod are, Yon has been chosen to marry the killer Lady Robot Queen, Zos-Sol in a ceremony that involves his brain being sucked out. And it is up to the other two to conquer their fears and save their friend. Rather simple when you think about it.

Simple Premise. Efficiently Executed. Great SFX. Lots of Laughs and Great songs

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