There is a certain standard to be met when performing at such a prestigious venue as the Opera House.And Tripod certainly didn’t disappoint the audience. Songs included a variety of Christmas takeoffs and others including “Guns”, “If I Had a Tattoo”, “Culture” and “Rock Eisteddford” which they did on Rove Live the other night. Seeing as I was with a group of both hardcore fans and Tripod Virgins (if that’s the correct term) it was bizarre to see them all clapping and singing along, even if they didn’t know the words. The audience absolutely loved them, their encore of Sweet Caroline was a huge hit.

I was recently at a wedding reception with a bunch of comedy fans and Sweet Caroline came on. We can now only sing it as per Tripods version. Granted a lot of alcohol was involved, but the other guests at the wedding still thought we were all nuts.

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