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Tonight is your last chance this festival to see this amazing production. Go do it. Now.

There was so much love in the room for our favourite trio, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone got pregnant.

I’m going to do this one in point form between going to shows – Why Tripod was awesome

  • The score, my god that was moving. Austin Wintory is simply outstanding. I’m not much of a gamer, but his music made me want to play.
  • The harmonies just get better with age.
  • This Gaming Life is brilliant and sets a new standard for modern music.
  • I’m not much of a gamer but I recently went to a LAN party (oh yeah, guys, I’m single). And so I understood most of the games and references they were talking about. Even if I hadn’t, I could still follow along (thankyou Farcry). Though if there would have been a Sims reference (not Sim City) I would have been on the floor.
  • Noone does innocent dumb face like Gatsey
  • Dressed up, Yon still looked like a pageboy at someone’s wedding.
  • They look much better in tails than the old wiggle-esque outfits
  • Heard a familiar laugh, all the old fans were there (said laugh was attached to someone who would have been at the Open Slather recording back in 1999/2000?) Podsters are loyal to the end.
  • I would love one day for Tripod and the MSO to do a concert of their old songs.
  • How awesome would it be to hear Hotdog Man with a full orchestra.

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