Life is too short to drink bad coffee. Bad coffee can ruin your whole day. It can make you want to stab people. At least according to Urzila. We have slowly but surely become an angry society. ┬áReady to fly off the handle at the slightest provocation*. We have become so afraid of being perceived as ‘PC’ that it bubbles up and comes out in short bursts. People cutting off strangers ‘Man Buns’, road rage, accidental racism. And our kids are learning our bad habits.

Urzila has a slight twist on the standard philosophy of life. We are born with our factory settings. It is our family/friends and lifestyle that adds ‘apps’ to our lives, some good, some not so good. She does make a very good point. Every child is born with a clean slate (straight from the factory) and it is outside influences that alter how they live and see the world. So it is up to us to make sure that they don’t get the viruses, spamware or bad apps that will negatively impact their lives. Case in point, at the birth of her child, the midwife refused to help them as she was Christian and their lifestyle was against her beliefs. Looking back, Urzila is glad that she didn’t make a scene and another midwife took over. Would you want the first person to hold your child to be a bigot? Or to see Mum knocking the midwife flat on her ass.

That is a good philosophy to have and live by. Though I can’t agree with the picking up of hitchhikers. I’ve watched too much Dexter and Law & Order.

(*personally, if you are sporting a man bun or have those ‘my family’ stickers on your car, you really need to take a good hard look at yourself).


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