WIL ANDERSON: JAGGED LITTLE WIL (Sydney Opera House, 03/02/2003

Well when Wil said he wasn’t going to do his old material, he wasn’t exactly lying. Wasn’t exactly telling the truth either. What he meant was that he wouldn’t be telling his old old jokes. Though some of them were there in a new form (ATM anyone?)

I can’t really comment on Wil’s opening,mainly cause I missed it. Thanks to traffic and a sister who thinks it takes 20 minutes to get to Newtown from the west, Wil was already off and going when we walked in.

It wasn’t bad I must say. Wil carried on with some parts from Wil By Mouth (the bit with his parents sayings), and he got the audience to join in with some of their own. The strangest one being “Go to Buggery”. And where is Buggery I hear you say. Its right near Pussytown according to Wil. Its a short trip but you have to go through the tunnel. Whats scary is that Wil just came out with it. Didn’t even pause.

A likeable quality about Wil is that he is always (to a point) controversial, and political, most likely coming from his background as a political journalist. (which is so unfair seeing as I have a background in journalism and I was told that politics aren’t funny. . . .um . . . HELLO!!!!!). Once again there were no holds barred with Anderson, the War on Iraq, current affairs and politics, and Perfect Match (is nothing sacred).

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