Being the second show of Wil’s that I’ve seen, I went in already prepared for what was to happen. And to a point I was. The thing that comedians somethimes forget is that using most of your material on tv then re-doing it when people come to see you live (based mostly on what they saw on tv) will not gain you popularity. But for Wil it works. I myself was thinking “he better do that bit about the ATMS that was classic”.

Appearances on Good News Week and the like have seen his profile skyrocket and with it comes an increased audience demographic. The first time I saw Wil the audience was small and mostly uni students. This time it was full of uni students, families, the elderly and a couple of goth freaks in the front row (which at one point when Wil asked for a random word from the audience, they shouted out ‘corpse’). Launching straight into the name of his show, Wil goes about satirising game shows as only he can, offering alternatives to Bergo’s Catch Phrase (see quotes) and the hidden comedy gold in Eddie Mcquire’s chins. What’s good about Wil is that you get to watch his tightly scripted material but at the same time, he often goes off on a tangent and the natural train of thought that he follows leaves some people quite bewildered. But there is no doubt that his impro skills are quite honed.

Throughout the hour Wil jumps from various topics from the GST (including a brilliant pisstake on the GST on tampons if men got their periods); To offering people with crappy jobs $20 bucks.

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